Chip and Pin Rollout for High Street retailer Holland & Barrett at over 530 stores

January 2008 Holland & Barrett the UK’s leading High Street retailer of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements has successfully rolled out our EFT/400 Chip and Pin solution to over 530 if its stores throughout the UK. The solution handles the transaction from the Chip and Pin device through to the settlement with the acquiring bank. […]

EFT/400 Encryption module now available

November 2007 We are pleased to announce that the EFT/400 Encryption module is now available to all our EFT customers. The module addresses the following PCI requirements: Requirement 3: Protect stored cardholder data Encryption is a critical component of cardholder data protection. If an intruder circumvents other network security controls and gains access to encrypted […]

Coming soon – 3D Secure Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode

November 2007 3D secure is a technical standard developed by Visa and MasterCard and is commonly known as Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. It is a simple password-protected identity-checking service that takes the risk out of online retail, for you and for your customers. You get protection from fraudulent transactions and the costs associated […]

What is PCIDSS?

October  2007 What is PCI? Firstly, it is important to note that PCI is not a law: It is a private security standard that members, merchants and service providers must follow pursuant to their contracts with the credit card companies. Although PCI is not a law, it is enforceable by the credit card companies through […]

EFT/400 and the Payment Card Industry Data Security standard (PCIDSS)

May 2007 The press has recently been full stories in relation to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS) and this has grew dramatically when a major retailer had its credit card information stolen consisting of millions of customers card details. At the end of June 2007, the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, […]

3X Gets IBM VNSP Accreditation

December 2006 3X Software is pleased to announce that our working relationship with IBM has been further recognised and IBM have awarded 3X with a Value Net Service Provision (VNSP) accreditation. This accreditation means that 3X Software is now able to supply IBM System i hardware, upgrades, software and hardware maintenance direct to our customers […]

3X Gets IBM Built on Express Accreditation

November 2006 IBM have recently awarded EFT/400 from 3X Software with the IBM Built on Express accreditation meaning that the software has been proven to be of a standard suitable for a SMB business. Built on IBM Express Advantage offers customers the ability to deal with trusted local experts, IBM Business Partners, who have the […]

Reducing Customer Fraud in Customer Not Present Transactions

October 2006 Whilst reports from APACS show that Plastic card fraud losses are on the decrease with the introduction of Chip and PIN, fraud from customer not present (CNP) transactions increased by 21% in 2005. This figure is expected to continue to rise as fraud becomes more difficult to undertake in the face-to-face environment as […]

EFT/400 gets IBM Server Proven Accreditation

July 2006 We are delighted that IBM have recognised our commitment to the System i platform and awarded our Credit/Debit card payment software, EFT/400, the ServerProven accreditation So how does this help our customers? Customers who purchase ServerProven and IBM System Storage Proven solutions with accompanying IBM Servers and System Storage products can take advantage […]

3X enables the System i to talk directly to the Trintech and Verifone Chip and Pin Devices

May 2006 Seamless integration for your IBM System i server and Trintech’s Smart5000 or Verifone SC5000 With the introduction of Chip and PIN into the retail environment we are finding that some of our System i (AS/400) users have found that connecting the devices to the System i has been a massive, and expensive, challenge. […]