FMCG Store Replenishment

FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) is a volatile industry due to its nature and solutions to handle this environment are hard to come by, that is until now. We have worked specifically in this area for more years than we would like to mention. Working with Kwik Save in the early 1980’s through to the the late 1990’s and working with the Home Bargains Chain for over 10 years has taught us a lot about the importance of getting the goods to the stores in the quickest and most efficient way to maximise turnover.

In the discount sector it is paramount to get the goods to the store quickly, especially with the one-off seasonal products that can be sold at the right price.

We have developed a managed solution that is based on real time sales data that is fast and efficient and will get the right products to store in a timely manner, no more relying on data that is 24 hours old before you start to process it.

The main benefit of this solution is that it streamlines the store inventory replenishment process, producing smooth orders, reducing lead time and increasing availability.

Here are some more of the benefits:

  • Real time data
  • Faster order production – system runs in under 1 min
  • Order process can be run when ready to pick instead of on a scheduled basis
  • Improved order calculation for replenishment
  • Can be run on demand
  • Can be run by picking reference (i.e. Tote picking can be processed separately)
  • New lines can be out to store 0.5 day earlier than current system on average
  • Designed to give smooth orders, no manipulation required
  • Simple process – specify how many orders per week and which days to process.
  • Ability to analyse sales by the hour, gives the ability to account for out of stock levels earlier. Handles products that sell out part way through the day
  • Allows you to identify non-sellers and stock level errors quicker
  • Handles last minute pick – i.e. Easter eggs and other seasonal or short dated lines
  • Processing can be run it in one of two modes, Forecast or Create. The forecast can give the warehouse visibility of what to expect say 24 hours in advance and provide appropriate staff levels to meet the demand.

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