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3X Software is a Value Added Reseller of the Royal Mail Database. Royal Mail has developed a constantly updated database of postcode and address details, which relates to England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands. In addition, there are over one million named organisations held. The Postal Address File (PAF) comprises a list of these addresses and their postcodes. There are over 1.7 million postcodes currently in use, over 28 million addresses and 1.6 million organisations.

The basic data is supplied by Royal Mail, and, as a Value Added Reseller, 3X Software has taken that basic data and created addressing files for use on the IBM System i (AS/400), along with software to maintain and distribute it on a periodic basis (usually every 3 months). 36,000 UK businesses from all sectors and of all sizes rely on PAF® These include leading Banks, Insurance Companies, Supermarkets, Government departments and the Police, online retailers, Entertainment venues, Charities and a host of Premiership Football Teams.  The database is especially useful to Financial service industries, call centers and mail order companies.


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PAF is an invaluable tool for creating and maintaining mailing-lists and databases, helping you to reduce the number of returned or undelivered items, sharpen your customer profiling, and improve customer satisfaction.

With PAF you can sort your mail with full and correct Postcodes, which could help reduce your postage costs. Our system allows both postcode and address generation, depending on user requirements.

By using the system you can:

  • Reduce keying time
  • Standardise address formatting
  • Reduce errors
  • Find company addresses

Reduce delivery costs by ensuring the goods are delivered to the correct address first time

The data can bus used for:

  • validating addresses
  • improving response to direct mail
  • efficiency of inbound call centres
  • speeding-up online transactions
  • mapping and geo-demographics
  • credit rating.

To ease interfacing, APIs are provided which may be called to provide the following functions:

  • Return an address from a given postcode
  • Search on street name, with the ability to select a premise
  • Translate the address from uppercase to lowercase
  • Search on part of an organisation name

PAF is native to the IBM System i and fully integrates with our EFT/400 Credit, Debit and purchasing card payment solution.

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