We have a number of software products available:


PAF/400 is our Postal Validation application utilising the Royal Mail PAF data. 3X Software is a value added reseller for Royal Mail.

Karova Store

Karova Store delivers the features of top-end bespoke e-commerce websites in a package that’s available and affordable.

Karova Donate

Karova Donate enables charities to accept donations online using a variety of payment methods, from credit card to direct debit, and enables supporters to manage event sponsorships with a speed and efficiency rarely seen in the real world.

EFT/400 Credit/Debit Card Processing Software

EFT/400 is the UK’s leading Credit, Debit and Purchasing Card Payment software for the System i (AS/400).

3X-Secure Merchant Plug In for MasterCard and Visa

For additional security for web transactions. This is a requirement for Maestro payments, and advisory for all payments. It moves fraud responsibility back to your bank.


Whether you’re an established bricks-and-mortar business wishing to add the Internet as a sales channel, or a start up business planning to sell your products or services exclusively on-line we can assist you

FMCG Store Replenishment

We have developed a solution that is based on real time sales data that is fast and efficient and will get the right products to store in a timely manner, no more relying on data that is 24 hours old before you start to process it.