I came across this article in the ibm systems magazine for power systems today and was surprised to learn that the IBM workhorse RPG is 60 next year so I had to share it.

The article talks about regardless of the fact that RPG is 60 years young the language is still so relevant in today’s computer industry.  There have been many languages come and go but it looks like RPG is here to stay. Its as relevant today as it was when it was introduced back in 1959 on the IBM 1401. You can still find programs running today that were written over 40 years ago. There aren’t many programming languages that can boast that.

At 3X Software we have always loved this language and are proud to have worked with it for nearly 35 years ourselves. I think the thing that makes it so remarkable is the backwards compatibility it is truly amazing.

You can read the full article here and check out how we can help you with your RPG needs.