3D Secure

3X Secure is our 3D Secure Merchant Plug In (MPI) that enables merchants to integrate their payment processing with Visa’s 3D-Secure Verified by Visa and MasterCard’s SecureCode protocols and functionality. Secure Merchant Plug In

Until now, Internet based transactions have been defined as ‘cardholder-not-present’ (CNP) transactions, meaning that a person purchasing from a web site does not present their card to the merchant, and there is no way of verifying a signature, or asking the purchaser for a pin number in order to verify that card does in fact belong to that person.

If, after an online purchase has been made, the card owner states that they weren’t the person using the card, then a chargeback may occur, resulting in extra costs to the merchant. 3D Secure is a credit card authentication program developed by Visa and MasterCard in order to address this problem, and reduce fraudulent use of credit cards during online transactions by verifying that the purchaser is in fact the owner of the card, resulting in fewer disputed transactions and charge-backs, thereby saving the merchants both time and money.




Did you know that MasterCard are now stating that “If Maestro is processed over the internet it is mandated that it has to be with SecureCode”?

3X Secure is a standalone module that can be implemented alongside your existing payment system so you can implement with only minimal changes to your existing processing. Some 3D Secure MPIs are provided as a service and you are then charged a transaction fee but with 3X Secure we offer a fixed price module with no hidden costs.


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