3X Encrypt

Our Encryption module was developed to meet the PCI standards for the banking industry and has been available for a while now for users of our Credit Card Payment solution, EFT/400. From this we decided to use what we had learned and develop a standalone generic encryption product, 3X Encrypt.

3X Encrypt provides 3 levels of encryption and service:

Level 1 – Encryption of data at library/file/field level, allowing encryption and decryption of files.

Level 2 – Enhanced product with built in access control, enabling viewing of encrypted data to selected, authorised users using 3X Encryption APIs.

Level 3 – Full encryption service for encryption, decryption and viewing. A tailored solution to meet your business requirements.

The standard product is available for IBM System i and System i running on i5/OS V5R2 and above using AES-256 Encryption and employing IBM encryption key management methodology. We also have expertise on encrypting data on legacy systems on OS/400 V4R5 onwards.


3X Encrypt keeping an eye on your data before someone else does!

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