Kate Hamilton-Hunter Studio

katehh-lrgAdditional customisations for this site include:
– Integrating with the payment provider SecureTrading. We’ve written a plugin for this which we’ll make available soon
– Shipping calculation based on customer role as well as order total, plugin is now available here.
– We’ve written a plugin for stockist locator. This allows customers to sign up on the website and apply to be a stockist. Once they’re approved to be a stockist, the plugin locates them from their shipping address and uses google geocoding service to find their latitude and longitude. The customer can then search for stockists entering their postcode. The distance is calculated and stockists shown on a google map (see http://katehhstudio.co.uk/FindaStockist)
– a plugin for Newsletter by customer role. Admin can use the default NopCommerce campaigns functionality to create a campaign, then they can send the campaign through the Plugin and choose customer roles to send the newsletter to. This allows them to send out different newsletters to guests, registered customers and stockists
– a large number of customisations based on customer roles. The site uses customer roles: retail, trade and stockists and products/prices shown on the site depend on the customer role