May 2006

Seamless integration for your IBM System i server and Trintech’s Smart5000 or Verifone SC5000

With the introduction of Chip and PIN into the retail environment we are finding that some of our System i (AS/400) users have found that connecting the devices to the System i has been a massive, and expensive, challenge.

The problem being that the devices have been developed with the assumption that all retail environments are using a PC based point of sale solution. The Chip and PIN devices are predominantly supplied with a serial or USB connection – neither of which exists on the System i!

When discussing implementation of Chip and PIN with some of our customers who are using the System i as a point of sale server what came across to us was; that they didn’t want the expense of installing a PC into every retail site in addition to the cost of the Chip and PIN device. They also wanted to be able to attach and control multiple devices. It was from these discussions that we decided we would look at providing a solution for them.

We started working with our Chip and PIN suppliers Trintech & Verifone and developed a solution for IBM’s System i allowing the seamless IP interface (without the need for a PC) between multiple Chip and PIN devices and the System i. In doing so this has also enabled other serial devices to connect in the same way to enable a full point of sale solution to be developed. In conjunction with our EFT/400 Credit and Debit Card solution we can now provide a complete solution to our System i community without a PC in sight!