News 2006

3X Gets IBM VNSP Accreditation

December 2006

3X Software is pleased to announce that our working relationship with IBM has been further recognised and IBM have awarded 3X with a Value Net Service Provision (VNSP) accreditation.

This accreditation means that 3X Software is now able to supply IBM System i hardware, upgrades, software and hardware maintenance direct to our customers at competitive prices when taken with one of our Value Added Enhancements (VAE). These include Credit/Debit Card Payments (EFT/400), Postcode and Address Management (PAF/400) plus our bespoke software and maintenance services. Our remarketer in this new side to our business is Frontline Consultancy and Business Services, based in Handforth, Cheshire.

3X Gets IBM Built on Express Accreditation

November 2006

IBM have recently awarded EFT/400 from 3X Software with the IBM Built on Express accreditation meaning that the software has been proven to be of a standard suitable for a SMB business. Built on IBM Express Advantage offers customers the ability to deal with trusted local experts, IBM Business Partners, who have the resources of IBM at their disposal to create total business solutions based on IBM’s Express Advantage offerings. Only after a solution is deployed and market-tested does it earn the Built on IBM Express Advantage seal.

Reducing Customer Fraud in Customer Not Present Transactions

October 2006

Whilst reports from APACS show that Plastic card fraud losses are on the decrease with the introduction of Chip and PIN, fraud from customer not present (CNP) transactions increased by 21% in 2005.

This figure is expected to continue to rise as fraud becomes more difficult to undertake in the face-to-face environment as a result of initiatives like Chip and PIN. Nevertheless, the rate of increase is smaller for the first time since 2003,and will improve further with an increasing number of retailers utilising initiatives such as AVS/CSC. Customer not present fraud usually involves the theft of genuine card details which are then used over the Internet, by phone or mail order. The legitimate cardholder doesn’t usually find out until they check their statements.

What can you do to reduce this?

Implement our EFT/400 AVS/CSC module. CSC (Card Security Code) and AVS (Address Verification Service) uses the3 digit code on the back of debit/credit card and numerics from the cardholders address. These are passed to the acquiring bank and are crosschecked against the details held by the bank. The result of the checks are passed back letting you know whether the house name/number has been matched, partially matched or not matched and likewise whether the postcode is matched, partially matched or not matched. You can then make the decision as to whether to accept the transaction based on this additional information.

Other benefits:

•It can also be used to crosscheck the delivery address is the cardholder ’s home address.
•The CSC is difficult for fraudsters to reproduce.
•It is also difficult to steal, because merchants are not permitted to store the CSC on their systems.

It has been suggested that the introduction of this simple check can reduce Internet fraud by up to 70%.

EFT/400 gets IBM Server Proven Accreditation

July 2006

We are delighted that IBM have recognised our commitment to the System i platform and awarded our Credit/Debit card payment software, EFT/400, the ServerProven accreditation

So how does this help our customers? Customers who purchase ServerProven and IBM System Storage Proven solutions with accompanying IBM Servers and System Storage products can take advantage of special offers and rebates from IBM. These can help reduce total solution cost and make choosing IBM eServer server products easier than ever.

3X enables the System i to talk directly to the Trintech and Verifone Chip and Pin Devices

May 2006

Seamless integration for your IBM System i server and Trintech’s Smart5000 or Verifone SC5000

With the introduction of Chip and PIN into the retail environment we are finding that some of our System i (AS/400) users have found that connecting the devices to the System i has been a massive, and expensive, challenge.

The problem being that the devices have been developed with the assumption that all retail environments are using a PC based point of sale solution. The Chip and PIN devices are predominantly supplied with a serial or USB connection – neither of which exists on the System i!

When discussing implementation of Chip and PIN with some of our customers who are using the System i as a point of sale server what came across to us was; that they didn’t want the expense of installing a PC into every retail site in addition to the cost of the Chip and PIN device. They also wanted to be able to attach and control multiple devices. It was from these discussions that we decided we would look at providing a solution for them.

We started working with our Chip and PIN suppliers Trintech & Verifone and developed a solution for IBM’s System i allowing the seamless IP interface (without the need for a PC) between multiple Chip and PIN devices and the System i. In doing so this has also enabled other serial devices to connect in the same way to enable a full point of sale solution to be developed. In conjunction with our EFT/400 Credit and Debit Card solution we can now provide a complete solution to our System i community without a PC in sight!

Conwy company Cash boost from Welsh Assembly

March 2006

3X Software is set to benefit from extra money from the Welsh Assembly Government.  The business has received as Assembly Investment Grant of £30,000 to help them both modernise and expand.

Based at Oak House Abergele, the company provides skills, services and software products based around an IBM mid range. Operating in this field since 1985, services include, providing software for credit/debit machines, and for a postal address management system.

They now plan to expand by purchasing a new server, PC’s, developmental tools and office furniture – and creating two high quality jobs. This will allow the dynamic company, headed by Directors Jeff Holt and Karen Davies, to translate the software from one language to another to enable it to run on machines other than IBM – keeping both their customers and their place in the market.

Karen Davies said “The support we have received from both the Welsh Assembly and the WDA since opening our North Wales office has been tremendous. We are looking forward to continuing to develop our business with continued growth and development in North Wales”

Andrew Davies, Minister for Economic Development and Transport said: “The Welsh Assembly Government is committed to giving small businesses the support to expand.  “The Assembly Investment Grant is specifically aimed at these companies and is making a huge difference to businesses the length and breadth of Wales. Writemedia Partnership is yet another example of a small business developing expertise in a niche market and investing in the local community.

Fourteen offers of AIG, totalling £522,000 were made to projects within the Conwy Unitary Authority Area in the last financial year. This has brought in an investment of £2, 131m and created 60 jobs.