As our lives become busier, we look to the Internet to help us save time in every way imaginable; from grocery shopping to banking, from bill payment to booking holidays – the Internet offers a quicker, easier way to carry out the tasks we’d otherwise struggle to find time for.

The Internet also offers fundraising opportunities to charities who want to reach their supporters in a way that won’t encroach on their busy lifestyles.

Many supporters subscribe to email newsletters from their favourite charities, so clicking a link taking them direct to your donations site is a quick, simple, effective way to create strong calls to action

Whether you want to offer your supporters an opportunity to make a straightforward donation, set up regular giving, or even manage event sponsorships, Karova can help you create an online environment that encourages your supporters to give generously:


    • We design and build online fundraising portals which allow supporters to make donations via a number of payment methods including credit card and paperless Direct Debit. Whether that’s a one-off donation, a regular giving arrangement or managing event sponsorships, Karova can help you provide exceptional user experiences.


    • We can provide everything from Karova Donate donation and payment software to a fully bespoke service including management, consultancy services and website promotion.


    • We can seamlessly integrate with existing supporter databases including ALMS


    • We can integrate with existing financial systems, or create them for you, enabling you to keep track of every penny raised.


  • We can provide simple, affordable domain naming and hosting services – including virtual, dedicated and managed hosting.

All this adds up to an online experience that supporters can find and explore easily, meaning you’re able to provide an exceptional online experience that encourages your supporters to help you raise essential revenues. What’s more, management and reporting couldn’t be simpler

If you’d like a member of the Karova team to contact you to discuss your online fundraising needs, please Contact us