Communication for Charities

The Internet is the greatest communication tool known to mankind; anyone can talk to everyone, meaning every sort of information imaginable is only ever a few keystrokes away.

Keeping the public informed of your efforts and achievements will be an essential element of any charity’s operational plan, and the Internet, like a vast library of facts and figures, offers a unique opportunity to raise the awareness of a global audience to your cause.

Whether you want to communicate to supporters, volunteers, employees or the media, Karova can help you create and maintain banks of information that ensure your messages are clearly received and understood.

    • We design and build online information tools that allow you to communicate to, and interact with, the public – whoever and wherever they are. We utilise the latest technology to help you provide exceptional user experiences.
    • We can provide everything from content managed websites to a fully managed service including consultancy services, data management and website promotion.
    • We can offer data capture and reporting functionality that allows you to track visitors, most popular pages, referral sources and many other data.
  • We can provide simple, affordable domain naming and hosting services – including virtual, dedicated and managed hosting.

If you’d like a member of the Karova team to contact you to discuss your online fundraising needs, please Contact us